Gelly Roll Glaze

Glaze is available in 18 colours


This is where it all started for me.  I came across the Glaze Pen and was amazed at its results.  I found that I could create really stunning cards with just peel-offs and these pens.

Glaze is a 3D pen - while the nib is pressed to the paper the ink continues to flow, this is due to a spring and ball bearing system - unique to Sakura.  The ink is translucent, bright and dries glossy.

Glaze will work on all smooth non-porous surfaces - card, acetate, plastic, glass, ceramic, metal ....  It will not work on shrink plastic as it cracks and falls off as it shrinks (unless of course you apply the ink after it has shrunk.

Glaze colours can be mixed or bled together, especially easy on a shiny surface as it takes a little longer to dry.    Drying time is about 1 minute on card and on shiny surfaces a little longer.  However, if you want to apply a second coat wait a few minutes to ensure the Glaze has hardened.


While the ink is still wet you can add glitter. 


You can use the clear pen to highlight areas on backing papers, write on dark card or create a resist (on light coloured card write, then rub over dye based ink).  Also to 'fix' other Sakura pens, ie Metallic, Stardust or Gold Shadow onto acetate by applying the clear Glaze first. 


When colouring colour across your project do not go back (until it is dry) as you can scuff the ink up and spoil the finished look.

Don't forget to take the tiny cap off the nib and throw it away when you have brand new pens.


Glaze XPGB codes: 800 clear, 803 yellow, 805 orange, 817 sepia, 819 red, 820 pink, 821 Rose, 824 purple, 825 turquoise, 829 green, 830 hunter green, 836 blue, 838 royal blue, 844 grey, 849 black, 850 opaque white, plus the new (Aug 08) 822 real red and 834 dark green.


Duck coloured with Glaze