Gelly Roll Stardust

Stardust is Sakura's no mess glitter pen.  There is so much glitter in the ink it is amazing that the ink flows so smoothly between the 2 ball bearings.  This pen is now officially my favourite Gelly Roll.

There are 12 light and 12 dark colours and the most popular pen of all - the clear

 You can use them on light and dark coloured card, all colours of shrink plastic, and watercolour with them.   If you apply clear Glaze first you can make them set on acetate, metal, gloss card .....


To watercolour with the Stardust pens, colour the ink out onto some plastic (I use acetate, but a margarine tub lid is also good) and using a Koi Waterbrush add water and make the colour as pale or as strong as you need, then just paint it on.  When the ink dries you will still see the glitter sparkling away.


To use Stardust on shrink plastic I would use the shrink plastic with the rough coatings - but I have used the clear one as well.  Stamp with StazOn, if it is a new pad then once stamp is inked place it gently on scrap paper before stamping onto the shrink plastic.  This is to remove any excess otherwise the ink would bleed through the rough coating on the shrink.  I use StazOn as it does not smudge when colouring.  When you have finished colouring shrink plastic sometimes it can look quite untidy, but it will be perfect when shrunk!  Shrink slowly with your heat gun and watch the glitter sparkle.  For a more subtle look, water down the Stardust ink and paint it on with  a Koi Waterbrush.


 Apply clear Glaze first to use on acetate, metal and plastic


Stardust XPGB codes: 800 clear, 703 gold, 705 copper, 707 dark mauve, 709 dark bronze, 712 dark ruby, 717 dark burgundy, 719 red, 720 pink, 721 rose, 722 dark fuchsia, 723 dark violet, 724 purple, 725 sky blue, 727 lime green, 729 green, 730 dark forest green, 734 dark jade, 735 dark teal, 736 blue, 738 marine, 739 dark indigo, 743 dark royal blue, 744 silver, 749 dark black.


Over the Moon coloured with Stardust