Gelly Roll Souffle

10 pastel colours available

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3D ink - while the nib is pressed to the paper the ink continues to flow, this is due to a spring and ball bearing system - unique to Sakura.  The ink is opaque so is fantastic on dark coloured card.


It will work on all smooth non-porous surfaces card, acetate, plastic, glass, ceramic, metal and also shrink plastic (must let it dry before heating otherwise it boils)


Drying time is about 1 minute on card and on shiny surfaces a little longer, as the ink dries it changes colour and becomes slightly lighter.


While the ink is still wet you can add glitter. 


When colouring colour across your project do not go back (until it is dry) as you can scuff the ink up and spoil the finished look.


All Sakura Pens are waterbased gel ink and so Souffle can be watered down and painted on with a Koi Waterbrush - but it will no longer be opaque - give it a go and see if you like it!


Don't forget to take the tiny cap off the nib and throw it away when you have brand new pens.


The XPGB codes for the pens are as follows: 903 yellow, 905 orange, 907 apricot, 920 pink, 924 purple, 927 lime green, 929 green, 936 blue, 944 grey, 950 white.



Over the Moon coloured with Souffle