Heat Embossing & using Ultra Thick Embossing Powder

Heat Embossing


Stamp with either an Embossing pad (tinted or clear) or Versamark.

Sprinkle on embossing powderTap off excess – put back in pot

Heat gently with Heat Gun – watch for change in powder – do not keep heating once powder melted


You could try stamping with a coloured pigment ink pad, this ink is slow drying and then emboss over the top using either a ultrafine clear or holographic powder to give a lovely finish.  (Pigment ink is slow drying, so it gives you enough time to sprinkle on the powder)



Ultra Thick Embossing (I love it!)


You need to use thick card, I use either mount board or the chippie shapes by Woodware.


Example 1:  If using an alphabet chippie, I would colour with my ProMarkers, when dry,  put face down in my embossing pad (Versmark is my favourite), sprinkle on the ultra thick embossing powder, heat and while still hot sprinkle on a second coat and heat again for a lovely glossy/glassy look.


Example 2:  Only sprinkle on one coat of ultra thick and tap it off well, when heated would give a distressed pitted look.


Example 3:  You could use a coloured pigment ink pad, to colour your alphabet  shape/flower/butterfly .... sprinkle the ultra thick directly on to the shape and either use 1 or 2 coats of  ultra thick as in examples 1 & 2.


Example 4:  Experiment with other colouring mediums.


Example 5:  Cut a square/rectangular piece of mountboard, stamp an image with a permanent ink pad (maybe Momento), colour with permanent pens (if desired),  brush ink pad all around the edge of the mountboard to create a frame.  When all ink and pens are dry, place mountboard face down in your embossing pad. Sprinkle on the ultra thick embossing powder and heat, apply 2 more coats (if you work fairly quickly there is no need to place back on your embossing pad, each coat should stick to the previous layer).  

Being larger item than an alphabet shape it takes 3 coates to get a perfect glossy/glassy finish.


Example 6:  Stampers, do you have a fob watch,  car with head lights, old fashioned lamp post, or just an image that could do with being glossy.  Using a Versamark or Embossing Pen colour over the required area and add one or two layers of the ultra thick.


Example 7:  Cut a square/rectangular piece of  mountboard, maybe colour with ProMarkers or a coloured pigment pad, layer up 3 coates of ultra thick, as described above, while still hot sprinkle on a little holographic embossing powder if desired and then stamp image directly into the ultra thick to give a debossed image.


Example 8:  Go crazy - piece of mountboard - maybe coloured with ink or pens (see above), sprinkle inbetween layers microbeads, chopped fibres, sprinkle in other colours of embossing powders for a really abstract look.


Example 8:  Take a metal bezel, place in Ranger's Melt pot on a mini heat sheet - gradually spoon in desired colour(s) of UTEE and watch it melt - maybe swirl with a cocktail stick.


Have fun with it!


I use mountboard for stamping onto as it is strong enough not to bow under the heat and also so the enamel does not crack from bending.