Shrink Plastic

I use StazOn ink when stamping onto Shrinkles shrink plastic (my preferred brand).  If the ink pad is new then take a little ink off before stamping onto the rough side of the shrink (stamp lightly onto scrap paper).  This will avoid any bleeding.

Please note that the clear shrink plastic does not have a rough side (you can use ProMarkers - not on same side as stamping - ProMarkers and StazOn do not get on!).

Try Sakura's Gelly Roll Stardust Pens on Shrink Plastic.

Don't forget to colour, cut and punch before you shrink.

Shrink slowly, it will curl, but if too much heat is applied too quickly the shrink can curl into a ball.  If it touches - just keep heating.

If stamping onto the rough side of the shrink plastic you can watercolour Sakura Stardust, Moonlight, Metallic, Shadow and even the Glaze and Souffle, using a waterbrush - seems to work best on the Frosted Shrink.

I would recommend the Heat Buddy.  It looks a little like a hairdryer (definately not though).  The reason for this is that the nozzle is wider that the long variety of heat guns and so the heat is not so intense.  I have suppliers who do have the longer style heat gun - but I choose not to stock it as this is my preferred product.

Once you have finished shrinking, just as you turn off the heat gun the plastic is moldable, but very hot.  Butterfly wings, petals and greetings can be molded very carefully.

You can trace through Shrink Plastic - use a Stardust Pen, children's colouring pencil, permanent marker (on shiney side).  This means that most scraps can be used.

Ever though of giving buttons a try - don't forget to put the holes in before you shrink!

Make Christmas decorations with the children, or jewellery for gifts.


Hours of fun.